TradePending Joins the American Underground!

TradePending Joins the American Underground!



If you have ever visited downtown Durham and the American Tobacco Campus and the American Underground (the start-up segment of American Tobacco or “AU”) you would share our excitement.  The AU is home to over 180 companies across 3 campuses, has a growing office footprint of over 90,000 sq. ft, and houses some of the most talented entrepreneurs on the east coast. The AU 2013-2014 annual report is a great infographic and can be found HERE

I was first introduced to the AU 3 years ago.  My wife and I were considering locales for our “final” move to raise our young family and Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill was on our short list.  We toured the Underground and I was immediately impressed and inspired.  My wife said to me, “see honey, this is where you can start your company”.

Two years later I did just that.

TRADEPENDING recently released our flagship product, SNAP.  We’ve had very strong response to the tool and will be facing new challenges to support current customers, attract new ones, create greater awareness of our disruptive solution, scale technology, hire, and repeat.

I look forward to doing all of these things while part of a very unique community in a city that is changing the game of urban revitalization.