These are actual results from one of our clients,

Toyota of New Bern

Toyota of New Bern used traditional book value tools on their website for years. They produced just a few leads a month and sold, on average 8% of those leads.

In 2015, they heard about SNAP by TRADEPENDING and decided to give it a shot. After only a few weeks the results were promising. Due to the SNAPshot Market Report and a great BDC process, conversations and appointment rates with prospects improved. Close rates jumped 33% immediately. After a full 5 months with SNAP they were able to compare the results of SNAP vs. their old traditional trade-in tool and by all metrics, it was a huge, sustainable success.

Increased Trade-In Leads

265% Increase in Trade-in Leads per month

*average unique site visitors - 4,500

Traditional book value tool

Increase In Attributable Cars Sold

More information leads to better conversations with your prospects.  Not only does your customer get an unmatched view of the market forces affecting value for their car but your BDC gains valuable insight on all aspects of the consumer engagement.  SNAP lead cover it all, even describing what type of device your prospect used when they ran a SNAP market report. Don't DEBATE over a book value.  RELATE to your prospects and close more sales!


68% of Leads Come From Mobile

We even impressed ourselves with how well SNAP works on a mobile device! We live in a mobile world and SNAP was built with the mobile shopper in mind. Imagine your prospects on your mobile site and only 4 thumb actions away from getting full market facts about their car. These organic visitors are serious buyers, don’t throw up too many hurdles, clicks, spins, and selects. Give them what they need in a… well… SNAP!