Introducing SNAP by TradePending

Introducing SNAP by TradePending


It’s been an exciting first 90 days for TRADEPENDING!

With the MarketPlace launch we’ve seen great traction for car shoppers and dealers looking to connect in a new way. Most interesting, is the acclaim we’ve received from both parties using our transparent trade in market data. We understood from the beginning the divide that exists between how dealers price inventory and how consumers reference value but crossing that divide is so simple. Just show the data! And we have did just that as the primary starting point to our website.

But what if that could be a starting, way-point, or end-point for auto shoppers that are on a dealers website? Could that change the conversation between consumer and dealer to focus on the facts vs. a debate about numbers? And, could it allow consumers to signal at what stage they may be in in the buying process?

We’ve worked with a humbling number of dealers to know that, yes, market data works. Many use similar tactics now. But, nothing compares to the usability, functionality, and true value add as SNAP! And now, much of the key value points can be seen on SNAP‘s page HERE

We will be showcasing SNAP at Digital Dealer in Tampa, Fl April 21-23, 2015. Come by or contact us for a detailed demonstration!