Trust the Wobbly Bird

Trust the Wobbly Bird

A great product is not enough.

We here at TRADEPENDING know SNAP is a fantastic product, and we have put a lot of work into the mechanics and “bones” of what runs SNAP. Mind you, 90% of this work goes unseen, but ultimately, it’s for the betterment of our customer experience and results..

We’re also big believers of looking far outside our industry for inspiration, and one understandable goal for consumers and businesses alike is expediency. Remember a decade ago having a little hesitation to enter your credit card information online? Compare that today with Amazon One-Click. Amazing, really.

We just don’t have time as consumers anymore do we? What about dealers?

In an effort to align with modern demands, dealers have turned to a slew of new consumer-driven widgets (SNAP included) and a new breed of online retail solutions. All of which claim a simple, semi-automated and FAST(er) process for consumers to purchase a vehicle, or at the very least, facilitate easier interaction with dealers.

Realizing this, we at TRADEPENDING took a step back and asked: How can we offer that same level of automation and expediency to our dealers? How do we take the principles that we observe from a B2C environment and apply them to our B2B environment? How do we make our customer experience better?

Enter Wobbly Bird.


In an infamous episode of the Simpsons, Homer attempts to “automate” his job through utilizing a classic children’s toy that would repeatedly hit the proper button on the keyboard, over and over and over. This would subsequently allow Homer to do, well, Homer-things.


That’s right, it’s from here that we drew our inspiration for a new level of automation through our processes around contracting, information gathering, fulfillment, and implementation. Anyone who has ever been in either the dealer or vendor world knows that bringing in new vendors or replacing old ones can be a painful, tedious and drawn out process.

It was our goal to make this process as painless and expedient as possible.

How fast can we implement? Thanks to Wobbly Bird, we’ve recently had implementations, from contracting to live-on-site come in under an hour, with the all-time record being 34 minutes!! We regularly go live on a site before our sales team is even out of the building. Wobbly Bird for the win.

It all starts with Contracting. I was recently speaking with a GM about a new SEM/SEO company he was bringing in and he had this to say: “They claim to be on the technological cutting edge with their product, but require me to fax in a contract? Who has a fax machine anymore?”

Our contracting module is 100% digital and self contained. It’s easier than accepting your iTunes T&C’s and starts your on the Wobbly Bird process. Paper contracts are a thing of the past!

Next, dealers complete the minimum number of prompts to answer necessary setup questions themselves or assign another contact to fill in the blanks via automated email. Easy.

Even the tedious ADF email address confirmation is automated via imbedded link – here’s an idea every lead provider in the industry should follow – contact me for more information guys 😉

Contracting and information gathering is the easy part. Going live on a web platform…not so much. Except, it is, at least with Wobbly Bird. He’s really the best. We have integrated partnerships with, DealerOn, and Dealer Inspire with a few more coming soon!

Ever start something and not finish it? If you had Wobbly Bird in your day to day, you absolutely would have been reminded everyday that the gutters still needed to be cleaned and the deck still needed to be stained. We understand that things get busy in the dealer’s world, and should the process stop for any reason, who keeps going? Yup, the Wobbliest of Birds. Frequent automated emails go out to our dealers and our team to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Occasionally, one of our customers will make a website vendor change and forget to notify us. No problem, Wobbly Bird knows. Sometimes a line of code gets removed from a Landing Page, just in time for Wobbly Bird to swoop in and let our tech team know there’s an issue. Wobbly Bird lets you know when you’re running low on milk. Ok, not quite, but maybe one day.

A great product is good, but one that functions equally well for the customer and the end user is the best. Wobbly Bird makes that happen.

Experience the power of Wobbly Bird yourself by contacting or click here to schedule a live demo.